Accepted Papers


14 Nwokedi Idika, Harry Phan and Mayank Varia. Achieving Linguistic Provenance via Plagiarism Detection
16 Chawki Djeddi, Imran Siddiqi, Labiba Souici-Meslati and Abdel Ennaji. Codebook for Writer Characterization: A Vocabulary of Patterns or a Mere Representation Space?
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19 Théodore Bluche, Hermann Ney and Christopher Kermorvant. Feature extraction with convolutional neural networks for handwritten word recognition
20 Bastien Moysset and Christopher Kermorvant. On the evaluation of handwritten text line detection algorithms
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23 Chucai Yi, Xiaodong Yang and Yingli Tian. Feature Representations for Scene Text Character Recognition: A Comparative Study
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26 Nicholas Howe. Part-Structured Inkball Models for One-Shot Handwritten Word Spotting
28 Yuan He, Pan Pan, Shufu Xie, Jun Sun and Satoshi Naoi. A book dewarping system by boundary-based 3D surface reconstruction
33 Rajneesh Rani, Renu Dhir and Gurpreet Singh Lehal. Script Identification of Pre-Segmented Multi-Font Characters and Digits
34 Sharad Seth and George Nagy. Segmenting Tables via Unique Indexing of Value Cells by Table Headers
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41 Rachid Hedjam and Mohamed Cheriet. Ground-truth estimation using multispectral image feature space: application to degraded document image binarization
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56 Marc-Peter Schambach and Sheikh Faisal Rashid. Stabilize Sequence Learning with Recurrent Neural Networks by Forced Alignment
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70 Ana Rebelo and Jaime Cardoso. Staff line Detection and Removal in the Grayscale Domain
71 Markus Diem, Stefan Fiel, Florian Kleber and Robert Sablatnig. CVL-Database: An Off-line Database for Writer Retrieval, Writer Identification and Word Spotting
72 Stefan Gerdjikov, Stoyan Mihov and Vladislav Nenchev. Extraction of spelling variations from language structure for noisy text correction.
73 Xiang-Dong Zhou. Minimum Risk Training for Handwritten Chinese/Japanese Text Recognition Using Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
74 Ofer Biller, Abedelkadir Asi, Klara Kedem, Jihad El-Sana and Its'Hak Dinstein. WebGT: An Interactive Web-based System for Historical Document Ground Truth Generation
75 Youssouf Chherawala, Partha Pratim Roy and Mohamed Cheriet. Feature design for offline Arabic handwriting recognition: handcrafted vs automated?
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79 Peng Ye and David Doermann. Document Image Quality Assessment: A Brief Survey
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92 Oben Tataw, Thanawin Rakthanmanon and Eamonn Keogh. Clustering of Symbols using Minimal Description Length
93 Shangxuan Tian, Shijian Lu, Bolan Su and Chew Lim Tan. Scene Text Recognition using Co-occurrence of Histogram of Oriented Gradients
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102 Sargur Srihari, Mukta Puri and Yi Tang. Bayesian Network Structure Learning and Inference Methods for Handwriting
104 Peng Tang, Siu Cheung Hui and Chi-Wing Fu. A Progressive Structural Analysis Approach for Handwritten Chemical Formula Recognition
105 Iliana Papamarkou and Nikos Papamarkos. On gray-level conversion of color documents
106 Martin Bresler, Daniel Průša and Václav Hlaváč. Modeling Flowchart Structure Recognition as a Max-Sum Problem
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108 Stefan Fiel and Robert Sablatnig. Writer Identification and Writer Retrieval using the Fisher Vector on Visual Vocabularies
109 Nicola Di Mauro, Floriana Esposito and Stefano Ferilli. Finding Critical Cells in Web Tables with SRL: Trying to Uncover the Devil's Tease
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116 Siyu Zhu and Richard Zanibbi. Label Detection and Recognition for USPTO Images using Convolutional K-means Feature Quantization and Ada-Boost
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119 Rabeux Vincent, Journet Nicholas, Anne Vialard and Jean-Philippe Domenger. Quality evaluation of ancient digitized documents for binarization prediction
120 Takumi Toyama, Wakana Suzuki, Andreas Dengel and Koichi Kise. Wearable Reading Assist System: Augmented Reality Document Combining Document Retrieval and Eye Tracking
125 Bo-Yuan Feng, Mingwu Ren, Xu-Yao Zhang and Ching Y. Suen. Extraction of Serial Numbers on Bank Notes
126 Jayant Kumar and David Doermann. Unsupervised Classification of Structurally Similar Document Images
128 Andreas Fischer, Volkmar Frinken, Horst Bunke and Ching Y. Suen. Improving HMM-Based Keyword Spotting with Character Language Models
131 Li Liu, Yue Lu, Ching Y. Suen and Jinhua Xu. Modeling Local Word Spatial Configurations for Near Duplicate Document Image Retrieval
132 Xiaoqing Lu, Zhi Tang, Yan Liu and Liangcai Gao. Stroke-based Character Segmentation of Low-quality Images on Ancient Chinese Tablet
140 Raid Saabni. Efficient Word Image Retrieval Using Earth Movers Distance Embedded to Wavelets Coefficients Domain
142 Akram El-Korashy and Faisal Shafait. Search space reduction for holistic ligature recognition in Urdu Nastaliq script
144 Lukas Neumann and Jiri Matas. On Combining Multiple Segmentations in Scene Text Recognition
147 Trung Quy Phan, Palaiahnakote Shivakumara and Chew Lim Tan. Recognition of Video Text Through Temporal Integration
148 Imran Siddiqi, Ahsen Raza and Chawki Djeddi. Multilingual Artificial Text Detection Using a Cascade of Transforms
149 Takeshi Furukawa. A New Method for Discriminating Printers Based on Contours Qualities of Printed Characters Using Wavelet Decomposition
151 Fumihiro Furukori, Shinpei Yamazaki, Takanori Miyagishi, Keiichiro Shirai and Masayuki Okamoto. An OCR System with OCRopus for Scientific Documents Containing Mathematical Formulas
154 Angelika Garz, Andreas Fischer, Horst Bunke and Rolf Ingold. A Binarization-Free Clustering Approach to Segment Curved Text Lines in Historical Manuscripts
155 Hao Wei, Micheal Baechler, Fouad Slimane and Rolf Ingold. Evaluation of SVM, MLP and GMM Classifiers for Layout Analysis of Historical Document
156 Fattah Zirari, Abdellatif Ennaji, Stephane Nicolas and Driss Mammass. A document image segmentation system using analysis of connected components
157 Anjan Dutta, Josep Lladós, Horst Bunke and Umapada Pal. Near Convex Region Adjacency Graph and Approximate Neighborhood String Matching for Symbol Spotting in Graphical Documents
159 Alberto Lopes Filho and Carlos Mello. Degraded Digit Restoration Based on Physical Forces
160 Yusuke Itani, Takashi Hirano and Jun Ishii. Text Line Extraction Method Using Domain-based Active Contour Model
162 Vibhor Goel, Anand Mishra, Karteek Alahari and C. V. Jawahar. Whole is Greater than Sum of Parts: Recognizing Scene Text Words
163 Edward Roe and Carlos Mello. Binarization of Color Historical Document Images Using Local Image Equalization and XDoG
164 Lei Sun and Qiang Huo. An Improved Component-Tree based Approach to User-Intention Guided Text Extraction from Natural Scene Images
167 Olarik Surinta, Lambert Schomaker and Marco Wiering. A comparison Between Feature and Pixel-based Methods for Recognizing Handwritten Bangla Digits
168 Hu Juan and Chen Youbin. Offline Signature Verification Using Real Adaboost Classifier Combination of Pseudo-dynamic Features
170 Abdulwahab Krayem, Nasser Sherkat, Lindsay Evett and Taha Osman. Holistic Arabic Whole Word Recognition using HMM and Discrete Cosine Transformation
172 Nhu Van Nguyen, Mickaël Coustaty, Alain Boucher and Jean-Marc Ogier. Interactive knowledge learning for ancient images
174 Fei Yin, Ming-Ke Zhou, Qiu-Feng Wang and Cheng-Lin Liu. Style Consistent Perturbation for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
175 Keqiang Li and Xiaoqing Lu. Detection of Overlapped Quadrangles in Plane Geometric Figures
180 Adrien Delaye and Cheng-Lin Liu. Graphics extraction from heterogeneous online documents with hierarchical random fields
Mahdi Hamdani, Amr El-Desoky Mousa and Hermann Ney. Open Vocabulary Arabic Handwriting Recognition Using Morphological Decomposition
182 Johann Gebhardt, Markus Goldstein, Faisal Shafait and Andreas Dengel. Document Authentication using Printing Technique Features and Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
185 Peng Wang, Veronique Eglin, Christine Largeron and Antony Mckenna. A comprehensive representation model for handwriting dedicated to word spotting
186 Rongsha Li, Liangrui Peng, Endong Xun and Nan Wei. A stroke order verification method for online handwritten Chinese characters based on tempo-spatial consistency analysis
188 Yuanping Zhu, Jun Sun and Satoshi Naoi. Sub-Structure Learning Based Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition
189 Bingyu Chi and Youbin Chen. Chinese handwritten legal amount recognition with HMM based approach
190 Irina Rabaev, Ofer Biller, Itshak Dinstein, Jihad El-Sana and Klara Kedem. Text Line Detection in Corrupted and Damaged Historical Manuscripts
193 Liang Li, Chulapong Panichkriangkrai and Kozaburo Hachimura. Ukiyo-e Rakkan Retrieval System
196 Jon Almazán, Alicia Fornés and Ernest Valveny. Deformable Hog-based Shape Descriptor
197 Suppawong Tuarob, Sumit Bhatia, Prasenjit Mitra and C. Lee Giles. Automatic Detection of Pseudo-codes in Scholarly Documents Using Machine Learning
199 Salman Hameed Khan and Zeashan Khan. Can Signature Biometrics Address both Identification and Verification Problems?
202 Song Wang, Seiichi Uchida and Marcus Liwicki. Part-Based Recognition of Arbitrary Fonts
206 Werner Pantke, Volker Märgner and Tim Fingscheidt. On Evaluation of Segmentation-Free Word Spotting Approaches Without Hard Decisions
208 Cuong Tuan Nguyen, Bilan Zhu and Masaki Nakagawa. A semi-incremental recognition method for on-line handwritten Japanese text
209 Vladislavs Dovgalecs, Alexandre Burnett, Pierrick Tranouez, Stéphane Nicolas and Laurent Heutte. Spot it! Finding words and patterns in historical documents
210 Francisco Cruz and Oriol Ramos Terrades. Handwritten Line Detection via an EM algorithm
211 Lluís-Pere De Las Heras, David Fernández, Ernest Valveny, Josep Lladós and Gemma Sánchez. Unsupervised Wall Detector in Architectural Floor Plans
213 Miguel Ferrer, Aythami Morales Moreno and Umapada Pal. Texture Feature based Line-wise Script Identification
214 Naveen Sankaran and Jawahar Cv. Error Detection in Highly Inflectional Languages
216 The Anh Pham, Mathieu Delalandre, Sabine Barrat and Jean-Yves Ramel. Robust symbol localization based on junction features and efficient geometry consistency checking
220 Xi Zhang and Chew Lim Tan. Segmentation-free Keyword Spotting for Handwritten Documents based on Heat Kernel Signature
221 Aline Amaral, Cinthia Freitas and Flávio Bortolozzi. Feature Selection for Forensic Handwriting Identification
223 Manuel Bouillon, Pei-Yu Li, Eric Anquetil and Grégoire Richard. Using Confusion Reject to Improve (User and) System (Cross-)Learning of Gesture Commands
225 Mohammad Tanvir Parvez and Sabri Mahmoud. Lexicon Reduction using Segment Descriptors for Arabic Handwriting Recognition
228 Masakazu Iwamura, Masaki Tsukada and Koichi Kise. Automatic Labeling for Scene Text Database
230 Michał Kozielski, Patrick Doetsch and Hermann Ney. Improvements in RWTH's system for off-line handwriting recognition
232 Naveen Sankaran, Aman Neelappa and Jawahar Cv. Devanagari Text Recognition: A Transcription Based Formulation
234 Olivier Morillot, Laurence Likforman-Sulem and Emmanuèle Grosicki. Comparative study of HMM and BLSTM segmentation-free approaches for the recognition of handwritten text-lines
236 Alicia Fornés, Xavier Otazu and Josep Llados. Show through cancellation and image enhancement by multiresolution contrast processing
237 Malik Rakesh, Partha Roy, Umapada Pal and Fumitaka Kimura. Handwritten Musical Document Retrieval using Music-Score Spotting
238 Shrikant Baronia and Anoop Namboodiri. Ink-Bleed Reduction using Layer Separation
239 Rim Walha, Fadoua Drira, Franck Lebourgeois, Adel M. Alimi and Christophe Garcia. Multiple Learned Dictionaries based Clustered Sparse Coding for the Super-Resolution of Single Text Image
242 Tal Hassner, Lior Wolf and Nachum Dershowitz. OCR free transcript alignemnt
243 Mohamed Alkalai, Josef Baker, Volker Sorge and Xiaoyan Lin. Improving Formula Analysis with Line and Mathematics Identification
244 Eric Nalisnick and Henry Baird. Extracting Sentiment Dynamics from Shakespeare's Plays
246 Dmitry Deryagin. Unified Performance Evaluation for OCR Zoning
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253 Alaei Alireza, Mathieu Delalandre and Nathalie Girard. Logo Detection Using Painting Based Representation and Probability Features
254 Do Thanh Ha, Salvatore Tabbone and Oriol Ramos-Terrades. New Approach for Symbol Recognition Combining Shape Context of Interest Points with Sparse Representation
255 Kun Yu, Julien Epps and Fang Chen. Mental Workload Classification via Online Writing Features
257 Albert Gordo, Marçal Rusiñol, Dimosthenis Karatzas and Andrew Bagdanov. Document Classification and Page Stream Segmentation for Digital Mailroom Applications
258 Andrew Newell. What should we be comparing for writer identification?
262 Takuya Kobayashi, Masakazu Iwamura and Koichi Kise. An Anytime Algorithm for Faster Camera-Based Character Recognition
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266 Zachary Daniels and Henry Baird. Discriminating Features for Writer Identification
268 Frank Lebourgeois, Fadoua Drira, Djamel Gaceb and Jean Duong. Fast Integral MeanShift : Application to Color segmentation of Documents Images
269 Bo Bai, Fei Yin and Cheng Lin Liu. Scene Text Localization Using Gradient Local Correlation
270 Tonghua Su, Peijun Ma and Shengchun Deng. Exploring MPE/MWE training for Chinese handwriting recognition
275 Luyuan Li, Yongtao Wang, Zhi Tang, Xiaoqing Lu and Liangcai Gao. Unsupervised Speech Text Localization in Comic Images
276 Yan Gao, Lianwen Jin and Weixin Yang. An Empirical Comparative Study of Online Handwriting Chinese Character Recognition:Simplified v.s.Traditional
278 Ming-Ke Zhou, Fei Yin and Cheng-Lin Liu. GPU-Based Fast Training of Discriminative Learning Quadratic Discriminant Function for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
280 Beibei Cheng, Sameer Antani, Ronald Stanley and George Thoma. Graphical figure classification using data fusion for integrating text and image features
281 Mallikarjun Hangarge, Rajmohan Pardeshi and K.C. Santosh. Directional Discrete Cosine Transforms for Handwritten Script Identification
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285 Rajiv Jain and David Doermann. VisualDiff: Document Image Verification and Change Detection
286 Rajiv Jain and David Doermann. Writer Identification Using an Alphabet of Contour Gradient Descriptors
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289 Lei Hu and Richard Zanibbi. Segmenting Handwritten Math Symbols Using AdaBoost and Multi-Scale Shape Context Features
292 Xi Luo, Wataru Ohyama, Tetsushi Wakabayashi and Fumitaka Kimura.
Automatic Chinese Text Classification Using Character-based and Word-based Approach
293 Gurpreet Singh Lehal. Ligature Segmentation for Urdu OCR
294 Tanushyam Chattopadhyay, Vempada Ramu Reddy and Utpal Garain. Automatic Selection of Binarization Techniques for Robust OCR
296 Nivedita Yadav, Santanu Chaudhury and Prem Kalra. Most Discriminative primitive selection for identity determination using Handwritten Devanagri script
301 Djamel Gaceb, Frank Lebourgeois and Jean Duong. Adaptative smart-binarization method of images of business documents
302 Jae-Hyun Seok and Jin Hyung Kim. Scene Text Recognition with a Hough Forest Implicit Shape Model
304 Kai Kunze, Yuki Shiga, Shoya Ishimaru and Koichi Kise. Reading activity recognition using an off-the-shelf EEG — detecting reading activities and distinguishing genres of documents
305 Prabhu Teja Sivaprasad and Anoop Namboodiri. Robust Segmentation and Representation of Ballistic Strokes for Online Handwriting for Recognition
307 Kai Kunze, Hitoshi Kawaichi, Koichi Kise and Kazuyo Yoshimura. The Wordometer – Estimating the Number of Words Read Using Document Image Retrieval and Mobile Eye Tracking
309 Sheraz Ahmed, Faisal Shafait, Marcus Liwicki and Andreas Dengel. A Generic Method for Stamp Segmentation Using Part-based Features
310 Teera Siriteerakul. Mixed Thai-English Character Classification based on Histogram of Oriented Gradient Feature
312 Kristin Stamm, Marcus Liwicki and Andreas Dengel. Continuous Partial Order Planning for Multichannel Document Analysis: A Process-Driven Approach
316 Quang Anh Bui, Muriel Visani and Rémy Mullot. Invariants extraction method applied in an omni-language old document navigating system
317 Vipin Narang, Sujoy Roy, Ramana Murthy and M Hanmandlu. Devanagari Character Recognition in scene images
318 Thotreingam Kasar, Philippine Barlas, Sebastien Adam, Clement Chatelain and Thierry Paquet. Learning to Detect Tables in Scanned Document Images using Line Information
321 Konstantinos Zagoris and Ioannis Pratikakis. Text Detection on Natural Images using Bio-inspired Models
324 Micheal Baechler, Marcus Liwicki and Rolf Ingold. Text Line Extraction using DMLP Classifiers for Historical Manuscripts
325 Ehtesham Hassan and Santanu Chaudhury. Multi-modal Information Integration for Document Retrieval
326 Rainer Herzog, Arved Solth and Bernd Neumann. Using Harris Corners for the Retrieval of Writing Patterns in Historical Manuscripts
328 Laslo Dinges, Ayoub Al-Hamadi and Moftah Elzobi. A Locale Group Based Line Segmentation Approach for Non Uniform Skewed and Curved Arabic Handwritings
329 Jinpeng Li, Harold Mouchère, Christian Viard-Gaudin and Zhaoxin Chen. A Multi-Stroke Dynamic Time Warping Distance Based on A* Optimization
332 K.C. Santosh and Abdel Belaid. Document Information Exploitation and its Evaluation based on Client's Relevance
333 Anh Khoi Ngo Ho, Nicolas Ragot, Jean-Yves Ramel, Véronique Eglin and Nicolas Sidere. Document Classification in a non-stationary environement: A One-Class SVM Approach
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354 Nilanjana Bhattacharya, Umapada Pal and Fumitaka Kimura. A System for Bangla Online Handwritten Text
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378 Hubert Mara and Susanne Krömker. Vectorization of 3D-Characters by Integral Invariant Filtering of High-Resolution Triangular Meshes
379 Jacqueline Feild, Erik Learned-Miller and David A. Smith. Using A Probabilistic Syllable Model to Improve Scene Text Recognition
380 Arpit Agarwal, Ritu Garg and Santanu Chaudhury. Greedy Search for Active Learning of OCR
381 Sophea Prum, Muriel Visani, Andreas Fischer and Jean-Marc Ogier. A Discriminative Approach to On-Line Handwriting Recognition Using Bi-Character models
383 Alexandros Papandreou and Basilis Gatos. A Coarse-to-Fine Skew Estimation Technique for Handwritten Words
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387 Anupama Ray, Ankit Chandawala and Santanu Chaudhury. Character Recognition using CRF based Matching Engine
388 Yoram Zarai, Tamar Lavee, Nachum Dershowitz and Lior Wolf. Integrating Copies Obtained from Old and New Preservation Efforts
389 Kai Chen, Fei Yin and Cheng-Lin Liu. Hybrid Page Segmentation with Efficient Whitespace Rectangles Extraction and Grouping
390 Muhammad Imran Malik, Marcus Liwicki and Andreas Dengel. Part-based Automatic System in Comparison to Human Experts for Forensic Signature Verification
391 Anandarup Roy, Swapan Kr. Parui and Utpal Roy. A Pair-copula Based Scheme for Text Extraction from Digital Images
392 Alejandro Toselli and Enrique Vidal. Fast HMM-Filler approach for Key Word Spotting in Handwritten Documents
396 Laslo Dinges, Ayoub Al-Hamadi and Moftah Elzobi. An Approach for Arabic Handwriting Synthesis based on Active Shape Models
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403 Nabin Sharma, Palaiahnakote Shivakumara, Umapada Pal and Michael Blumenstein. A New Method for Character Segmentation from Multi-Oriented Video Words
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