* Each competition that fulfills the ICDAR Competition Rules will have a poster displayed in a designated location at the conference. There will be one poster per competition to present an overview and summarize the results of the competition. It will be the responsibility of the competition organizers to produce the poster for their own competition. Formatting of the posters will follow the same guidelines as required for ICDAR posters in general.

* Competition organizers will also be asked to provide a written paper summarizing their competition for inclusion in the ICDAR proceedings.

* Selected competitions will also have an opportunity to present a brief overview during an oral session. Depending on the conference program schedule, it may not be possible to include all competitions in the oral session. In such a situation, the competitions with the largest number of participants will be included in the oral session.


1 Chinese Handwriting Recognition Competition

Fei Yin, Qiu-Feng Wang and Cheng-Lin Liu


2 Robust Reading Competition

Dimosthenis Karatzas, Faisal Shafait, Masakazu Iwamura, and Seiichi Uchida


3 Writer Identification Contest

Georgios Louloudis, Basilis Gatos, Nikolaos Stamatopoulos, and Alexandros Papandreou


4 Competition on Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions (CROHME)

Dae Hwan Kim, Jin Hyung Kim, Harold Mouchère, Christian Viard-Gaudin, Utpal Garain, and Richard Zanibbi


5 Competition on Table Detection and Structure Recognition in Natively Digital PDF Documents

Max Göbel, Tamir Hassan, Ermelinda Oro and Giorgio Orsi


6 Recognition of Handwritten Historical Texts Competition

Carlos-D. Martinez-Hinarejos


7 Book Structure Extraction Competition

Antoine Doucet, Gabriella Kazai and Günter Mühlberger


8 Handwriting Segmentation Contest

Nikolaos Stamatopoulos, Basilis Gatos, Georgios Louloudis, Umapada Pal and Alireza Alaei


9 Document Image Skew Estimation Contest (DISEC'13)

Alexandros Papandreou, Basilis Gatos, Georgios Louloudis, and Nikolaos Stamatopoulos


10 Music Scores Competition: Staff Removal

A. Fornés, V. C. Kieu, M. Visani, and N. Journet


11 Multi-script Robust Reading Competition

Deepak Kumar, M. N. Anil Prasad and A. G. Ramakrishnan


12 Signature Verification and Writer Identification Competitions for On- and Offline Skilled Forgeries (SigWiComp2013)

Marcus Liwicki, Muhammad Imran Malik, Michael Blumenstein, Bryan Found, Linda Alewijnse and Wataru Ohyama


13 Handwritten Word Spotting Competition (H-WSCO 2013)

Basilis Gatos, Georgios Louloudis, Nikolaos Stamatopoulos, Anastasios Kesidis, Konstantinos Zagoris and Ioannis Pratikakis


14 Document Image Binarization COntest (DIBCO 2013)

Ioannis Pratikakis, Basilis Gatos and Konstantinos Ntirogiannis


15 Competition on Multi-font and Multi-size Digitally Represented Arabic Text

Fouad Slimane, Slim Kanoun, Haikal El Abed, Jean Hennebert, Rolf Ingold and Adel M. Alimi


16 Competition on Gender Prediction from Handwriting

Abdelâali Hassaïne and Somaya Al Maadeed


17 Competition on Stroke Recovery from Offline Data

Abdelâali Hassaïne and Somaya Al Maadeed


18 On-Line Arabic Handwriting Recognition Competition

Monji Kherallah Najiba.Tagougui, Adel M. Alimi, Haikal El Abed and Volker Märgner


19 Mathematical Formula Identification and Recognition from Born-digital Sources

Josef Baker, Xiaoyan Lin and Volker Sorge


20 Competition on Historical Book Recognition (HBR2013)

Apostolos Antonacopoulos, Stefan Pletschacher, Christian Clausner, and Christos Papadopoulos


21 Competition on Historical Newspaper Layout Analysis (HNLA2013)

Apostolos Antonacopoulos, Stefan Pletschacher, Christian Clausner, and Christos Papadopoulos


22 Handwritten Digit and Digit String Recognition Competition

Markus Diem, Stefan Fiel, Angelika Garz, Manuel Keglevic, Florian Kleber and Robert Sablatnig